As we reach 2019, we’ve been looking hard at what we’re doing to make form time better for all, and we realised that we probably needed to make a change. 

Our name (home4schools)  came from the fact that we were originally planning to be a homepage for schools.  That doesn’t really reflect what we do nowadays, so rather than keep explaining the name, we are changing it. 

From January, we will be, which means we’ll be merging the blog with the site itself.   

Other than the new name and address, nothing else is changing.  You’ll still get the same great, reliable, engaging resources every week.  

The old site will redirect you automatically once we’ve made the move, so you might not even notice it’s happened.  If you’ve got us linked on your intranet or site, you will have time to get the link changed (since we know that can take a while in a school…!).

In the meantime, we’ve added a Great Big Christmas Quiz (ppt) to the extra resources section.  It’s in the free section of the site, so you’re welcome to share it with whoever you’d like!

Have a fabulous holiday (and try not to work too much!)


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