Feeling like a ROCK STAR!

We are incredibly proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with the legends over at Times Tables Rock Stars to create a whole new side to our numeracy hub.

Times Tables Rock Stars has very successfully boosted times tables recall speed for hundreds of thousands of pupils over the last 8 years in over 15,000 schools – both primary and secondary – worldwide.

As an ex Maths HoD, I know that getting meaningful numeracy content into form time is incredibly hard.  Our Puzzle of the Week is designed to address the importance of problem-solving in the curriculum, but of equal importance are the basic, fundamental skills of multiplying and dividing. 
These skills underpin so much of what students do in Mathematics that students who can’t recall times tables facts quickly find it slows down everything else they do too.

The team at TTRS have worked hard to make speed recall of times tables fun, as evidenced by their numerous awards.  (A whole-school subscription to TTRS is also a mere £94.50 (+VAT) per year!)

We’ve harnessed the competitive element by creating a quiz where the challenge is to beat your previous best score (or time…).

It’s flexible enough to be used with any Year, however mixed the mathematical ability.   It’ll even work with vertical groups.
You could:

  • Give them 2 minutes to complete one or two of the columns – their choice (but each column gives different points…. 😉).
  • Give them 5 minutes to complete as much as they can of the whole thing.
  • Challenge them to finish the first column only, as fast as they can (the timer counts UP), and note their finishing time before they turn over their sheet.  Add 5 seconds for every incorrect answer, and have them aim for their best ever time!
  • Steal it as a starter! 😉

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