About Us

FormTimeSorted was created by two teachers - Paul and Emily Hughes - because they both felt the same about being form tutors.

1. I didn’t enjoy form time. Generally, if I wanted to find resources, I’d have to do it myself, and anything that was sent round was often last minute (because, fair enough, Heads of Year have more than enough to do already!). Students were bored while I was doing all the admin, and bored students never make your life easier…

2. It felt like a bit of a waste of time. I know that there’s a ton of admin that has to be done, but while I was running round signing planners and so on, the students weren’t doing a lot. There’s only so many times you can show Y11 newsround before the riots start.

3. I HATE reading someone else’s powerpoint. It’s awful when someone does it to us on training days, so why would it be any different for the students? There are better ways to deliver SMSC. None of those involve me as a tutor learning all about how to teach those really challenging / embarrassing / awkward topics. None.


Paul has been teaching ICT/Computing for 16 years. He likes to pretend he's the brains behind the operation. He spends most of his spare time claiming he's winning at Fantasy Football, while simultaneously losing at Fantasy Football.


Emily taught Maths for 15 years, with a little ICT thrown in every so often. She created ilovemathsgames.com to provide content to support maths teachers (and learners). She left teaching at Christmas 2017 to develop this site, and to start running her own choir. It turns out, choirs are not much better at listening than students, but you can go to the pub with them afterwards.

Paul and Emily have been married for 12 years, so they already knew they made a great team before starting FormTimeSorted together. It also makes scheduling meetings much simpler.

The tech side of things is handled by the wonderful Nick Fisher, who puts up with our requests for random yet very specific new features with great patience.