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Frequently Asked Questions

If I sign up for a free trial, will you make it difficult for us to opt out when the trial period is over?

Absolutely not. We think you'll love our site and the resources, but once your trial is over you'll have to opt in to a subscription.

Once you have my email address, will you sell my details / spam me with pointless emails / try and sell me a timeshare in Spain?

No. No tricks here. You'll get emails with useful tips throughout your trial, and weekly HWB updates. You can opt out of these at any time. We'll never sell your details, and we don't own any timeshares. You get enough junk mail. We won't add to it.

Isn't £199 too cheap? Does that reflect on the quality of the site?

School budgets are tight.
£199 is roughly the cost of a day's supply, or to put it another way, it works out at around £1 per day to get resources for the whole school for the whole year.

Whilst we are a business, we are also teachers, trying to help reduce workload and improve wellbeing for other teachers. You'll get 28 days to trial the resources before committing anyway, so you can judge the quality for yourself.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. (Although if you choose to print the workbooks, then you'll have to budget for that. We've got a condensed version of the booklet to keep costs to a minimum. It's roughly 4 sheets of A4 per student each half term. That's it.)

We already have HWB PowerPoints that we've bought into - why should we swap?

Think back to the last training day you enjoyed. Did it involve someone reading a PowerPoint aloud to you? We doubt it.

Our HWB resources are either activities or videos (usually TED talks, never from YouTube).
We believe tutors have more important things to do for their tutees than clicking through a powerpoint.

I haven't heard of you before - are you new?

We launched back in January at the BETT show, so yes, we're pretty new still. We have over 30 years teaching experience between us, so you can trust that we know what we are talking about.

What's with the name?

We started out designing a homepage specifically for schools, hence our original name 'FormTimeSorted'.
That's why the main page has a google searchbar, a Word of the Day, and the news headlines. They're all things we think would be of benefit for students to see whenever they open a new browser window.
The homepage is free to use, whether you subscribe to the rest of the site or not.

Where does your Word of the Day come from?

We made it. Having looked everywhere for a WOTD feed that was suitable for students, we concluded that none exist. The ones we found had words like 'crepuscular' and 'verisimilitude', and that just seemed silly to put in front of teenagers who already have their own language half the time (like when bae starts throwing shade at your fam coz she's salty you've been playing Fortnite.)

How do I persuade my line manager to pay for this?

It's a no-brainer, but on the off-chance your line manager doesn't have one, show them the site, invite them to talk to students, get them involved in the debate topic, etc. We'll give you some tips and tools during your trial to help you out with this.